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Hello guys and girls, we have been updating the site recently and have a massive amount of Pokemon+YuGiOh stock that we will be listing in the next few weeks.

Pokemon XY Roaring Skies Set has now been completely listed, including the Reverse Holos. Check it out!

Just in is our YuGiOh Crossed Souls Set! Secret Rares, Ultra Rares, Super Rares and Rares now added. To be followed by commons and uncommons. We have the older YuGiOh Set cards still to list. So definitely watch this space! :)

Coming Soon:

More stock coming soon!
As this is a new site we will be listing as much as possible in the next few weeks.


To be listed:

- Japanese XY Cards - including Red Flash/Blue Impact cards!
- Pokemon 2nd + 3rd Generation Cards
- Gym Challange Set
- 1st Edition Pokemon Cards

- Yugioh - Older Set Cards