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Hello thanks for finding my blog. Here I will talk about all the new Pokemon products that are being listed on our TCG Online Store!
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I have been selling Pokemon Trading Cards online for a while now on various auction sites such as ebay and amazon. But now my full focus is on my own Online Store! The best of the best will be listed on the site first & any new TCG items we come across will be listed on our website straight away.
There’s so many new Pokemon Trading Cards that we will be listing over the next few months. We will even be listing the newest Yugioh Cards + Booster Packs that are avaliable. All at competitive prices!

Here is a list of what we have to come:
-Restocking of the First Generation Sets (such as Base 1, Base 2, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Sets, Neo Sets, Skyridge etc)
-Adding D&P, HGSS, Black & White, X&Y Pokemon Cards
-Adding Yugioh Cards + Booster Packs from the newly released set.
-Stocking our Newly Graded PSA Cards.
-Creating and listing bundles of 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s Bulk Pokemon Card Deals.

So bare with us!

Also look out for our special offers that become avaliable. Give us a like on our Facebook Page -CardKeepers FB- and be the first to know about any new special offers or discount codes!
Thank you for reading! Please check back weekly to view our newest blog post, so you can be updated with what we have been up to. 🙂